Top 8 Spring Hairstyle Trends You Need to Try in 2024

1. Spring 2024 Hair Trend: Accessories Big scrunchies, floral clips, headbands, bows you name it are fashionable. Perhaps this is a triumph for all lazy folks.

2. Soft-brushed blonde for spring 2024 Celebrities like Sydney Sweeney and Taylor Swift will want a soft, delicate blonde this season, according to hairstylist Lauren Mildice.

3. Spring 2024 Hair Trend: Blue-Toned Red From Becky G to Dove Cameron, Dua Lipa, and Garcelle Beauvais, everyone is opting for bright ruby hair colors.

4. Spring 2024: Baroque Bob Due to Zendaya's 2024 look, bobs are trendy again. A rounded, soft bob haircut that hits above your shoulders is the "baroque bob".

5. Spring 2024: Voluptuous Waves Thanks to Jennifer Lopez's luscious, luxurious waves, big hair is back. Their rounded, voluminous shape suits many facial shapes, hair colors, and textures.

6. Kitty Cut: Spring 2024 Hair Trend The wolf cut, fox cut, and butterfly cut have all become popular in recent years, but 2024's "kitty cut," a medium-length shag style, emphasizes face-framing layers and lengthier layers for volume.

7. Birkin Bangs for Spring 2024 Inspired by the late singer, actress, and fashion icon (remember the Birkin bag?) Blunt, long bangs that skim your eyebrows are the style, Jane Birkin. 

8. Spring 2024: Long Layered Cuts A long, layered haircut will provide you unlimited styling options for spring 2024, making it easy to mix and match hairstyles.