These 8 Tricks Will Help You Carve Out an Entryway in Your Small Space

Use a Console Table: A slim console table can provide a surface for keys and mail while also defining the entryway

Add a Floating Shelf with Hooks: Install a floating shelf with hooks underneath for hanging coats, bags, and umbrellas.

Create a Gallery Wall: Use a section of wall near the entry to create a gallery wall with hooks for a functional and decorative touch.

Install a Folding Screen: A folding screen can create a visual barrier between the entry and the rest of the space, defining the area.

Use a Room Divider: A decorative room divider can serve as a partition, creating a separate entry space in an open floor plan.

Hang a Mirror: A large mirror can make a small entryway feel larger while also providing a place to check your appearance before heading out.

Add a Bench with Storage: A bench with storage underneath can provide seating and a place to store shoes, making the most of limited space.

Use a Rug to Define the Space: A rug can help define the entry area and add color and texture to the space.