The Best Breakfast Deals At Dennys

Grand Slam: Indulge in the classic Grand Slam breakfast, offering a variety of breakfast favorites like eggs, pancakes, bacon, and hash browns for an unbeatable price.

Eggs Benedict: Treat yourself to a classic Eggs Benedict or try the Southwestern Benny for a flavorful twist on this breakfast classic, both priced affordably at around $10.

Pancakes and Crepes: Customize your breakfast with a selection of pancakes and crepes, ranging from simple options like Hearty 9-Grain pancakes to indulgent choices like chocolate chip banana pancakes.

Breakfast Bowls: Enjoy your breakfast in bowl form with options like the Santa Fe bowl loaded with eggs, chorizo, and veggies, or the hearty chicken, biscuit, and gravy bowl for a Southern-inspired start to your day.

Omelettes: Dive into a delicious omelette filled with your choice of ingredients, including ham, peppers, and grilled prime rib, priced starting at $11.29.

Steak and Eggs: For the meat lovers, choose between T-bone steak and eggs or country fried steak and eggs for a hearty and satisfying breakfast option.

Breakfast Sandwiches: Try the classic Moons Over My Hammy sandwich or opt for the indulgent Grand Slamwich, featuring sausage, bacon, ham, and maple spice spread for a breakfast sandwich experience like no other.