The 8 Fastest Horses in the World

Mustang Speed

The Mustang, a free-roaming horse from the U.S., can gallop at speeds of 25 to 30 MPH, sometimes even faster for short bursts

Standardbred Strength

The Standardbred, developed from Thoroughbred horses, is a strong, muscular breed excelling in harness racing and show jumping. They can reach speeds up to 44 MPH.

Akhal-Teke Olympics

The Akhal-Teke, an ancient Turkmen breed, is known for its metallic coat and athletic prowess. Akhal-Teke named Absent won multiple Olympic medals in dressage.

American Paint Horse

The American Paint Horse, sharing ancestry with the Quarterhorse, can achieve speeds around 40 MPH. Known for its pinto spotting, it excels in Western and show jumping.

Andalusian Agility

The Andalusian, or Pure Spanish Horse, combines speed and power. Known for its agility, it has excelled in dressage and long-distance racing, reaching speeds of 55 MPH.

Appaloosa Speed

The Appaloosa, developed by the Nez Perce people, is a versatile breed with a distinctive spotted coat. It can run up to 55 MPH and excels in various equestrian disciplines.

Arabian Endurance

Arabian horses, dating back 4,500 years, are known for their endurance and speed, reaching 65 MPH. Their strong bones and stamina make them superior in endurance riding.

American Quarterhorse

The American Quarterhorse, known for its broad chest and powerful hindquarters, excels in short sprints, reaching speeds of 45 to 50 MPH. It’s a popular breed for racing and ranch work.