The 8 Best Companion Plants For Peppers


Planting easy-to-grow basil with peppers can boost flavor and discourage thrips, aphids, spider mites, and flies.


Carrots don't compete with peppers for garden space or sun, and their live mulch lowers weeds, helping your pepper production.


These nightshades, which like growing conditions similar to those of pepper plants, make happy bedfellows in the garden.


African or French marigolds, geraniums, alliums, nasturtiums, and petunias are just a few of the flowers that combine well with peppers.


Because they don't take up much room and can fend off slugs and cabbage worms, onions go well with peppers.


Herbs are excellent companion plants because they grow close to the ground and won't compete with peppers for space.


Since low-growing spinach suppresses weeds without taking up sunshine or water, it is an ideal companion plant for pepper.


Peppers and tomatoes grow in similar environments, so they make good neighbors.