Summer 2024 Nail Trends with Simple White Designs

Metallic Jelly Nails

Metallic accents in silver, rose gold, and copper over jelly nudes are trending. Try sandwiching chrome polish with jelly for a sheer, shimmery look.

Clean, Fresh Cuticles

Healthy nails and skin are in. Minimal designs with nude polishes pair perfectly with moisturized, groomed cuticles. Use cuticle oil daily for best results.

Russian Almond Shape

The Russian almond nail shape is a blend of almond and stiletto, with elongated, tapered tips. It's a chic, modern twist on classic nail shapes.

Pastel Nail Colors

Soft pastels like baby pink, mint green, and soft lemon are taking over. These delicate shades are perfect for a fresh, fun summer look.

Dripped French Tips

French tips get a twist with drippy, gold chrome designs. For a DIY version, use shimmery gold polish and create imperfect tips for a modern feel.

Cherry Nail Designs

Kitschy cherry nail art is a fun summer trend. Customize with fruits, insects, or other cute designs. Use nail decals for an easy, artistic look.

Aqua Nail Colors

Ocean-inspired shades like aqua, seafoam, and cobalt blue are popular. Try a vivid aqua polish or dip your fingers in with aqua French tips.

Puffy Nail Art

Puffy, 3D nail art is on the rise. Get creative with soft gel designs cured under UV light. Bring examples to your nail artist for the best results.

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