Pull Exercises for the Whole Body


The deadlift is a powerhouse exercise, renowned for its effectiveness in building strength and power across multiple muscle groups. Plus, it s a calorie-burning beast.

Lat Pulldowns

A fantastic alternative to pull-ups, lat pulldowns are beginner-friendly and require minimal instruction for proper execution.

Aids in Weight Loss

Utilizing the TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX Rows offer versatility and can be done anywhere. Research indicates they provide varied load sharing between the legs and arms/straps.


A gym classic, pull-ups reign supreme for engaging the lats, as supported by numerous research studies.

Barbell Biceps Curls

Targeting multiple arm muscles and the core, barbell biceps curls are a straightforward yet effective exercise.

Rope Face Pulls

While less common, rope face pulls are potent for improving posture and shoulder mobility, targeting various muscles including the rear delts and rhomboids.

Seated Cable Rows

Beginner-friendly and versatile, seated cable rows effectively target a range of muscles while promoting scapular retraction.