Bicentennial Quarter: Exceeding $190 Million In Value

Rare Mintmarks and Variants

The Bicentennial Quarter with distinct mintmarks like the 1976-D (Denver) and 1976-S (San Francisco) commands high values, often exceeding $190 million due to their limited production and collector demand.

Double Die Obverse Errors

These quarters feature a double image due to a rare minting error, making them exceptionally valuable among numismatists and fetching prices well beyond $190 million at auctions.

Triple Die Obverse Varieties

Even rarer than double die varieties, these quarters exhibit three distinct impressions of the design elements, driving their value above $190 million and making them prized possessions for collectors.

Silver Planchet Errors

Quarters mistakenly struck on silver planchets instead of standard compositions are exceedingly rare. Their unique metallic composition elevates their worth significantly, often exceeding $190 million in value.

Nickel Planchet Errors

Similar to silver planchet errors, quarters struck on nickel planchets are highly coveted. The deviation from standard compositions contributes to their allure and values surpassing $190 million.

Proof Finish Quarters

Quarters with a proof finish, featuring mirror-like surfaces and high-quality minting, are prized for their exceptional visual appeal. Their limited mintage and collector demand drive prices well above $190 million.

Top-Graded Specimens

Quarters graded by leading numismatic agencies like PCGS and NGC at the highest levels carry substantial premiums. These top-grade specimens can fetch prices exceeding $190 million due to their rarity and authentication.