9 Things Older Adults No Longer Want To Deal With

1. The Five Day Work Week Very few people aside from those who are complete workaholics adopt the five-day workweek. It's not like listening to your favourite song on repeat forever, which is fantastic at first but gets boring quickly. We're not depressed on Mondays; by Wednesday, we're pining for the weekend.

2. Social Media The internet was erratic, unrestricted, and full of surprises back then, much like the American West. We're now tied into their web version after large corporations rode into town and noticed the dollar signs.

3. Being Trendy Following the latest trends is akin to boarding a non-stop train. It's this today, and it's that tomorrow. Bell bottoms are in style one minute and out of style the next. When you're young, it's a lot of fun to try to keep up through dancing.

4. Socializing You find the old man in the forest cabin strange as a twentysomething. By the time you're fifty, he looks like Einstein. Even though you get along well with people from different backgrounds, you begin to yearn for more time spent alone.

5. Celebrity Worship Worshipping celebrities is like having a constant craving for junk food. It has a brief pleasant taste but isn't very substantial. Stars frequently dazzle us and make us feel as though they are objects from another universe.

6. Gossip The unsolicited message of communication is gossip. It's fascinating to some people and a fun past time. It's rarely helpful, though. It's similar to that irresistible song that you find yourself thinking about even when you're not sure you like it.

7. Leaving The House When did you last enjoy going out of your house? It will eventually begin to feel more like an adventure. Cell phone? Examine. Take out your wallet. keys? Examine. Face mask, hand sanitizer, existential fear of forgetting what? Verify three times.

8. Hangovers Hangovers evolve, in case you missed the memo. When you're twenty, it's a morning annoyance; when you're thirty, it lingers until lunch; and when you're forty? It's as though the uninvited afterglow from last night's party is all that will go away.

9. Unnecessary or Excessive Noise Nobody enjoys loudness. But when you're young, you might not let noisy cars, electronic devices, or even jittery children get in the way of your fun. But as you get older, it will become increasingly unpleasant to be in an environment where everything is vying for your attention as a solo performer.