9 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained


Cats knead with their front paws on soft surfaces as a comforting behavior, stemming from kittenhood when it stimulated milk flow from the mother. This motion, often accompanied by purring, signifies contentment

Chattering at Birds

When cats make a distinct chattering sound while observing birds or squirrels, it's thought to express predatory excitement or frustration at not being able to chase prey.

Bringing You Gifts

Cats often bring dead animals to their owners, a behavior rooted in their instinct as hunters. This "gift-giving" is their way of providing for their human family, showing affection, and signifying trust and acceptance of you as part of their family


When cats bump their heads against you, it's a sign of affection and a means of marking you as part of their territory. By transferring scent through head-butting, cats create communal scent markers, indicating comfort and trust


Sudden bursts of energy, or "zoomies," involve cats racing around the house at high speed to release pent-up energy and keep hunting skills sharp. This behavior is a healthy expression of natural instincts

Sleeping in Tight Spaces

Cats seek out small, enclosed spaces for sleeping to fulfill their instinct for safety and protection. This preference offers a secure environment away from predators and translates to seeking out cozy spots

Covering Their Feces

Covering their feces is a natural behavior for cats, stemming from their ancestors' need to hide their presence from predators and prey. This instinctive behavior also reflects a cat's preference for cleanliness and maintaining a neat living area.

Sitting in Boxes

Cats' affinity for sitting in boxes provides a secluded space where they can observe their surroundings without being seen, reducing stress and offering a safe place for rest or ambush.

Eating Grass

Cats eat grass to aid in digestion and help vomit up hairballs or indigestible parts of prey. Consuming grass can provide essential nutrients and induce vomiting to remove unwanted substances from their stomachs