9 Small Living Room Ideas That Maximize Space and Style

Rugs for Space Definition:

In a studio apartment, rugs can delineate different areas, like this New York studio where a large red rug defines the office space, separating it from the living area.

Ottoman or Pouf Instead of Coffee Table:

Opting for an ottoman or pouf instead of a coffee table, as seen in this Cambridge space, provides flexibility and extra seating without sacrificing functionality.

Utilize Windowsills:

Make use of windowsills in a small living room by using them to display books, plants, and decorative objects, as shown in this sunny Brooklyn living room.

Maximize Under-Coffee Table Space:

Use the space under your coffee table efficiently by tucking poufs or additional seating underneath, as demonstrated in this wine country home.

Embrace Quirky Setups:

Don't shy away from unconventional setups, like incorporating a washing machine into the living room, as seen in this Oakland apartment, where it blends seamlessly with the decor.

Multipurpose Rooms:

Combine different functional areas within one room to create a multipurpose space, like in this Washington DC studio, where the living room, dining area, and breakfast nook coexist harmoniously.

Elevate Alcoves:

Even small alcoves can be transformed into cozy living spaces, as shown in this New York apartment, by using soft textures and calming colors to create an intentionally small but inviting atmosphere.

Under-Bench Storage:

Utilize under-bench storage to keep excess items out of sight and maintain a clutter-free space, as demonstrated in this Toronto apartment where baskets are stored under a small bench.

Opt for Long, Leggy Furniture:

In narrow rooms, choose furniture with small dimensions and leggy, airy pieces to create the illusion of space, as seen in this sleek Brooklyn apartment where key furnishings are placed against the wall to maximize floor space.