9 Outdated Lessons We Need to Stop Teaching Children ASAP

Failure Is The End

Failures are opportunities for growth. Children need to see that making mistakes is not the end. We learn from our mistakes and get better. 

You Must Be Perfect

Kids are under too much pressure to achieve perfection. Teaching them that making errors is OK is preferable.

Boys and Girls Have Strict Role­s

Childhood potential is hampered by stereotypes about what males and girls should and shouldn't do. 

Some Races Are Be­tter Than Others

Racial prejudice education causes division and encourages discrimination. Rather, children must be taught that diversity should be cherished and that all races are equal. 

Neve­r Question Authority Figures

Children should have the confidence to speak up when they notice anything that is unfair or incorrect.

Material Posse­ssions Define Success

Success should not be equated with possessing a lot of material goods, such as money and designer clothing. 

Avoiding Emotions

Children should be encouraged to communicate their emotions in a healthy way. This promotes self-awareness and healthy relationships.

One-Size-Fits-All Education

Not every student should receive the same education. Children differ in their learning interests and skills.

Limited Caree­r Choices

Children shouldn't be restricted in the type of caregivers they can select because of societal expectations.