9 Of America's Most Popular Handguns & How Much They Cost

SIG Sauer P365:

The P365 revolutionized the market with its high capacity and small frame. Offers options for 10, 12, or 15 rounds, making it ideal for concealed carry. Prices start around $500, reflecting its advanced design and versatility.

Glock 19:

Known for its reliability and durability, suitable for concealed carry and law enforcement. Features a 15+1 capacity and improvements in the Gen 5 version. Price around $565.99 makes it a popular choice for many shooters.

Colt Python:

Revered for its precision, smooth action, and aesthetic appeal. Offers models with 3-inch, 4.25-inch, and 6-inch barrels. Starting prices around $1,500 reflect its premium status and craftsmanship.

Beretta 90 Series:

Known for reliability and has served as the U.S. military s sidearm for decades. Offers models like the 92XI SAO with an 18+1 capacity and tactical features. Prices start around $600, varying by specific models and features.

Taurus G3C:

Budget-friendly option with features like a manual safety and adjustable rear sights.Ideal for concealed carry with a 12+1 capacity.Affordability at around $267.99 makes it accessible to a wide range of shooters.

Glock 44:

Brings Glock reliability to the .22 LR caliber, ideal for training and plinking. Mimics the size and feel of the Glock 19 with lighter recoil. Retail prices start around $430, offering cost-effective training.

Ruger LCP:

Popular choice for deep concealment with its small size and light weight. Chambered in .380 ACP, offering reliability and compactness.Prices start around $250, making it an affordable option for concealed carry.

ATI GSG 1911:

Combines the design of the classic 1911 with the affordability of .22 caliber. Ideal for training or shooters sensitive to recoil, with added safety features. Price range of approximately $300-$400 offers both style.

Smith & Wesson 442:

Classic choice for concealed carry with simplicity and reliability. Compact, hammerless design minimizes risk of snagging when drawn. Price around $450 reflects its quality and trust among concealed carriers.