9 Nail Art for Short Nails ideas

With short nails, a micro French manicure looks fantastic since the line can be kept quite thin. You can double up and create a French with two lines for more visual appeal. 

Glitter Micro French

Regardless of nail length, chrome powder is ideal for a subtle manicure that nevertheless packs a punch. The chrome reflects in a really attractive way, giving the impression of glazed nails.

Jelly Chrome

Simple and lovely, this manicure starts with a nude, sparkling base. A unique white heart is positioned on each nail to add a little something extra.

Simple Heart

You can paint a solid color on one hand and create a colorful contrast with nail art on the other. One hand has abstract motifs in white, black, maroon, teal, and mustard, while the other is solid black.

Black and Mixed

Hanna explains, "Hang achieved this look by painting the flowers on with acrylic markers on a simple translucent nude foundation." "A traditional sheer nude nail gets a playful touch from the little flowers. It is really simple to get this look at home."

Floral Nails

A basic manicure can be made more interesting with the addition of gems. In this design, a traditional square-shaped French manicure is paired with jewels.


Cherries, a byproduct of the coquette movement, are quite popular at the moment. Heart-shaped fruits and crimson stones serve as accents in this ensemble.

Cherry French

 "This design serves as a reminder that nail art does not have to be elaborate to make a statement; it can be created with most items you have lying around the house."

Minimalist Accent Nail

Tiny hearts work well for a delicate pattern that does not take up much room. Black hearts are featured in this look on a bubble-gum-pink lacquer.

Black Hearts