9 Different Types of Flowers For the Best Curb Appeal

1. Boxwoods

Boxwoods provide structure to your yard and come in various sizes, making them perfect for beds and borders. They enhance curb appeal and can be mixed with annuals for year-round interest.

2. Roses

Roses, especially the low-maintenance Knock Out varieties, bloom from spring until frost and require minimal care. Smaller Drift roses are also easy to grow, making them excellent groundcovers for sunny spots. 

3. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are easy to grow, needing little care while offering spectacular blooms. They prefer morning sun and afternoon shade and are hardy in Zones 4 or 5-9. Use them to hide unsightly 

4. Front Door Urns

Urns flanking your front door create instant curb appeal. Plant them with tall, narrow evergreens like Pinpoint Blue false cypress, underplanted with colorful flowers like lungwort and pansies.

5. Hostas

Hostas are perfect for shady spots, such as under trees or around shrubs. Their striking leaves come in various colors, adding visual interest. Most hostas are hardy in Zones 3-9 and can be complemented

6. Annuals

Annuals are cost-effective and easy to establish, providing vibrant fillers when perennials aren't blooming. Use them in containers, hanging baskets, or window boxes for a pop of color. 

7. Arborvitae

Arborvitaes are fast-growing evergreens ideal for hedges, privacy screens, and borders. The compact Mr. Bowling Ball variety grows into a neat sphere, requiring no pruning. 

8. Mailbox Plants

Enhance your mailbox area with a mix of evergreens, perennials, and colorful annuals. Use plants like compact inkberry holly, coleus, and lantanas for a vibrant display.

9. Azaleas

Catch a buyer s eye with azaleas planted in beds, around your mailbox, or on your porch. Hardy in Zones 6-9, they thrive in filtered sun or areas with morning sun and afternoon shade.