9 Cute Easter Crafts and Activities to Try

Dye Easter Eggs

Stores have a plethora of simple DIY kits available for a variety of egg-related crafts, including marbled, glitter, and animal-themed eggs. You may even try dyeing them at home using items from your kitchen, such as popular drinks and spices like saffron and turmeric.

One-of-a-kind egg hunts

There is always the traditional hunt, in which children sprint around trying to locate as many eggs buried as they can. However, color-code the hunt if there are several children (Mike gets blue, Jenn gets pink, etc.). 

Make bunny ears

 Fasten a cardboard loop that fits the wearer's head. For the inside of the ears, cut out two large white ears and then two smaller pink ones. Adhere cotton balls onto the ear's white regions.

Bunny treat bags

Fold a regular brown paper bag as it comes in the package, and then cut out the middle to make ears on both sides. Take the bag open to see your bunny. Once you have added eyes and adorable embellishments like a ribbon, fill it with candy for your favorite children.

Potato stamps

This is perfect for young children. You can stamp an oval shape made from a cut potato into paint and then onto paper. When the eggs are dry, kids can "decorate" them with paint or markers. 

Handprint bunnies

Take a piece of construction paper, trace your child's handprint, and cut it out. Take the middle finger off of me. Fold your thumb and pinky over the bunny's body to use them as arms. The ears are formed by the final two fingers. Add the front paws and a joyful little face.

String art eggs

Cut a long length of yarn or string, then dip it into a little dish of school glue. Then, wrap a little inflated oval balloon around and around (and around) the glue-soaked sting. After letting it dry, pop the balloon to see your stylish string egg.

Peeps houses

Remember those adorable little yellow marshmallow chicks that appear exclusively during this season? Make a three-sided house out of graham crackers and decorative icing to give them a warm and inviting holiday residence.

Peekaboo eggs

Create little paper pockets on the front of the colored construction paper eggs by cutting them off. Adorn the egg. Cut out a cute little paper chick and tuck him inside the egg's paper pocket. Every time is a great surprise!