9 Cruise Ship Features That Are Phasing Out

Formal Dining Rooms

Formal dining rooms, with their set dining times and dress codes, are becoming less common as passengers prefer more flexible dining options. 

Internet Cafés

With the advent of Wi-Fi accessibility throughout ships, dedicated internet cafés are becoming obsolete.

Cash Casinos

Cash-based casinos are being replaced by cashless systems, where passengers use their cruise cards for transactions.


Traditional libraries are giving way to digital options. E-book lending programs and onboard Wi-Fi access make it easier for passengers to read on their devices.

Inside Cabins

Inside cabins, with no windows or natural light, are less popular as passengers seek more comfortable and spacious accommodations.

Enclosed Smokers' Lounges

As smoking regulations become stricter and health consciousness rises, enclosed smokers' lounges are being phased out.

Single-Purpose Theaters

Single-purpose theaters that host only one type of entertainment are being replaced by multi-use venues. 

Onboard Photo Galleries

Onboard photo galleries, where passengers could purchase printed photographs, are declining due to the popularity of digital photography.

Shuffleboard Courts

Shuffleboard courts, once a staple of cruise ship recreation, are being replaced by more modern and engaging activities.