9 Common Phrases Grandparents Should Stop Saying to Their Grandkids

Great Job

It makes the youngster want continual approval and perfectionism, which can cause worry and self-doubt. 

You Are Just Like Your Mom/Dad

When youngsters are young, hearing “You're just like your mom/dad” may make them believe they have to be like their parents, neglecting their abilities and goals. 

Don’t Tell Your Parents

Telling your grandkids to conceal secrets from their parents might damage family trust.

You Have Gained Weight

Saying your grandchild has gained weight might upset them and make them feel horrible about how they appear

Your Sister/Brother is Better Than You

Comparing siblings is wrong. Little statements like, “Your brother could do that at your age,” make youngsters doubt themselves. It can cause sibling rivalry and inferiority.

You’ll Grow Out of It

This limits a child's hobbies or difficulties, presuming they're only going through a period. Allowing them to explore is crucial.

You Are Being Too Sensitive

Telling your grandchildren they're overly sensitive or emotional may invalidate their sentiments. 

You Are So Spoiled

Instead of shame, make it fun. Grandparents may help their grandchildren recognize their benefits by practicing thankfulness together. 

Did You Get Good Grades?

Though posed with good intentions, this question might push grandkids to meet academic standards.