8 Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy With A Busy Schedule

Set up your cat's litter box for success

 Ensure your cat has a clean place to potty by using a second litter box or a self-cleaning automatic litter box. This prevents odors and stress for your cat, and keeps your home clean. For extended absences,

Don't disrupt your cat's eating routine

Maintain a consistent feeding schedule with an automatic pet feeder. For added convenience, a smart pet feeder allows you to schedule meals, set portion sizes, and offer snacks via your smartphone.

 Keep your cat's water consistently fresh

 Cats prefer fresh, moving water. A pet fountain keeps water clean and flowing, preventing it from becoming stale or contaminated. This encourages your cat to drink more, promoting better hydration.

 Keep your cat entertained with toys

Prevent boredom by providing a variety of toys. Classic toys like plush catnip mice and bell toys are great, but interactive electronic toys with moving parts and automatic laser toys stimulate your cat's predatory.

Give your cat something to watch

Enhance your cat's environment by setting up a fish tank or bird feeders for live entertainment. Ensure the fish tank is secure to prevent accidents. Alternatively, provide access to windows or play "Cat TV".

Check in on your cat with tech

 Use pet cameras connected to your smartphone to monitor your cat's activities anytime. Some cameras even allow you to talk to your cat, giving you peace of mind and helping you stay connected while you're away.

Get a cat sitter for longer trips

For trips longer than three days, arrange for a trusted friend, family member, or professional pet sitter to check on your cat. A professional sitter should be bonded, insured, and certified to ensure your cat's health and safety.

 Consider adding another cat to the family

If you travel frequently, adopting a second cat can provide companionship for your pet. Introduce the new cat gradually and monitor their relationship to ensure a harmonious household.