8 Sun Loving Perennials For All Summer Blooms

Delightful Daylily

With trumpet-shaped yellow flowers all season, this tough perennial thrives in hot, dry conditions and creates a stunning combination with blue ornamental onion.

'Immortality' Iris

Noted for its reliable show of snowy-white flowers in both spring and fall, this tall bearded iris is easy to grow and bears ruffled blooms on 30-inch-tall stems.

Luscious Lilac

Enjoy lilac's fragrance in spring and again from midsummer into fall with this compact variety, which bears a heavy crop of lavender-purple flowers perfect for cutting.

Heavenly Hydrangea

Unlike most hydrangeas, Endless Summer blooms on new growth, ensuring a spectacular show of flowers several times each summer, even in cold climates.

Blooming Rose

Beautiful and virtually disease-free, Knock Out roses bloom almost continuously through the summer. Shown here is Pink Double Knock Out, part of a series that includes various colors.

Climb New Heights

Jazz up your garden with royal purple petals covering the Jackmanii clematis in early summer, with sporadic blooms throughout the season.

Purple Delight

Putting on a show of deep purple spires in late spring, May Night salvia can bloom again later in summer if you remove fading flowers.

Bleeding Heart

Perfect for small-space gardens, this perennial blooms all summer, slowing down during the warmest days but picking up the pace again in autumn.