A short pixie cut is perfect for showcasing your stunning curly texture without the time commitment of long hair. Your natural curl pattern will pop, and it's an easy, low-maintenance style.

Curly Pixie

The classic mushroom cut from your middle school days is making a stylish comeback. This rounded haircut adds volume to your hair effortlessly, eliminating the need for excessive layering.

Mushroom Haircut

A short, sassy haircut can provide enviable volume without the need for princess-length hair, making it a trendy choice for layered hair styles that don't require hairspray.

Layered Chin-Length Bob

For a modern spin on the classic mushroom haircut, consider a piece-y pixie cut that maintains the retro-rounded silhouette while emphasizing texture.

Modern Mushroom Pixie

A blunt bob is the perfect haircut to make thin hair appear fuller. By eliminating stringy ends, this classic cut helps create the illusion of dense, healthy-looking strands.

Blunt Bob

Even with a short, sassy haircut, you can still achieve touchable beach waves. If you have natural waves, a curling wand can enhance and tame any uncooperative strands.

Wavy Textured Bob

Whether you opt for a low-maintenance look straight out of bed or spend time styling with pomade, a windswept pixie haircut will always exude chicness.

Windswept Pixie

An angled bob is a great option if you prefer face-framing haircuts without layers. By angling the cut towards your face, this style will accentuate your favorite facial features.

Angled Bob