8 Perennial Flowers That Will Draw Attention To Your Garden

Lenten roses bloom in mid to late winter, often when snow is still on the ground. Known for their toughness and evergreen foliage, they thrive in mostly shady areas but can tolerate morning sun.

Lenten Rose

Peonies are long-lasting perennials that bloom in late spring with intensely fragrant flowers in various colors. They thrive in full sun and attract beneficial insects like ants, which sip the nectar.


Penstemon, or beardtongue, is a sun-loving, drought-tolerant plant with deep-throated pink flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. It has foliage that ranges from deep green to burgundy.


Lavender comes in various types like English lavender and lavandin, each suited for different conditions. It requires full sun and good drainage, and its fragrant flowers are perfect for sunny gardens.


Coral bells, or heuchera, are popular for their striking ruffled foliage in a range of colors from lime green to bright plum. They thrive in sun or shade and produce delicate flower spikes in summer.

Coral Bells

Dahlias are available in many sizes, colors, and forms, from tiny ball-shaped blooms to dinner-plate-sized flowers. They need full sun and, in colder regions, require tuber storage over winter.


Balloon flowers have buds that resemble tiny balloons, opening into star-shaped blooms in mid-summer. Available in deep blue or pale pink, they prefer full sun and are generally deer-resistant.

Balloon Flower

Japanese anemones, or windflowers, provide late-season color with profuse pink or white blooms on long stems. They add delicate beauty to gardens and bloom well into fall.

Japanese Anemone