8 Overrated Cities That Could Fall Short

New York City, New York: Some find it overcrowded, filthy, and noisy, while others feel overwhelmed by its sheer size and pace.

Macau, China: For some travelers, Macau felt unwelcoming, especially for solo Black female travelers.

New Orleans, Louisiana: The French Quarter and Bourbon Street are criticized for being littered and chaotic.

Nassau, the Bahamas: Nassau can feel too touristy and busy for some, with constant sales pitches and crowds.

San Francisco, California: Some feel a sense of lawlessness and dread, finding parking difficult and the atmosphere menacing.

Munich, Germany: While there are nice areas, some parts of the city are marred by litter, especially cigarette butts.

Naples, Italy: Naples is described as dirty, chaotic, and unsafe, with traffic and crossing streets being particularly hazardous.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Despite its historical significance, some find it sweltering, chaotic, and too modernized with an overwhelming American influence.