8 Homemade Cakes That Everyone Should Bake At Least Once

Lemon Cake

Incorporating lemon juice and zest into both the cake and the frosting ensures that each bite bursts with vibrant flavor. The addition of white chocolate curls on top elevates its presentation, making it truly stunning

Chocolate Bundt Cake

Hey, chocolate fans! Enjoy twice the chocolate with this amazing Bundt cake. It's perfect for any event, but it's even better when you match the sprinkles on top to the occasion

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Just because you're making something from scratch doesn't mean you can't use shortcuts to save time. You can use jarred cherries and canned pineapple slices to make things go faster

Hummingbird Cake

If you've never tried this classic Southern cake, you're in for a delicious surprise! It's lightly flavored with cinnamon and very moist because of the banana and crushed pineapple in the batter

Best Birthday Cake

A moist chocolate cake with layers of vanilla buttercream is the perfect way to celebrate any birthday. It's much more special than anything you can buy at the store.

Coconut Layer Cake

This delicious cake is full of flavor. The batter has coconut extract, and it s decorated with shredded coconut.

Coffee-Toffee Crunch Cake

This cake is perfect for people who love coffee! It has instant coffee in both the cake and the frosting for a great caffeine kick

Chocolate Sheet Cake

This cake is loved by the Drummond family! It's great for lots of different times, like birthdays, Christmas parties, or when you're selling baked goods at school