8 Fun and Festive French Manicure Ideas for July

'80s-Inspired French Manicure

Vibrant fuchsia, teal, and opaque white colors replace the classic neutrals in this 80s-inspired French manicure. A thick tip outline adds dimension, creating a bold and punchy color block style.

Mix-and-Match Blue Tips

Elevate a standard blue-rimmed French manicure with mix-and-match nail art, featuring tie-dye swirls and checkerboard prints for a louder and more dynamic look perfect for summer.

Cherry Red French Manicure

A festive twist on the classic red and white French manicure, with a thin gold layer beneath the tips, adding a touch of elegance and glamour to the year-round staple.

Gold Foil French Manicure

Embrace metallic trends with a luxurious gold foil texture on French tips, offering a super elevated and elegant manicure suitable for any occasion.

Blue Squiggly French Manicure

Playful and unique, this blue French manicure features varying shades and squiggly designs, embracing abstract artistry for a fun and expressive nail look.

Flaming French Manicure

Summer-ready neon green flames accentuate a seafoam green French manicure, combining trendy colors with precise nail art for a stunning visual impact.

Barbie Pink French Manicure

Opt for a bright pink French manicure with rhinestone details on almond-shaped tips, adding a glamorous touch and extra sparkle to your nails.

Pucci Print French Manicure

Inspired by Pucci's vibrant patterns, this French manicure features swirling designs reminiscent of colorful summer dresses, making it a statement piece for your nails.