8 Fascinating Facts About Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States, granting American citizenship to its residents who cannot vote in U.S. elections. U.S. citizens can visit without a passport.

Puerto Rico Is Not a Country

El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. Forest System, known for its lush foliage, diverse wildlife, and mystical ambiance.

El Yunque

El Yunque experiences a phenomenon where Coquí frogs climb trees in high humidity and jump down during heavy rainfall, creating the illusion of frogs falling from the sky.

Frog Rain

Puerto Rico features bioluminescent bays where microscopic organisms light up the water, providing an ethereal kayaking experience.

Bioluminescent Beaches

The Puerto Rico Trench is the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, adding intrigue to the island's geographical marvels.

Puerto Rico Trench

Puerto Rico is home to the largest rum distillery in the world, producing renowned spirits and making it a favorite spot for rum enthusiasts.

Rum Distillery

Puerto Rico hosts the largest cave network in the Americas, offering activities like hiking, spelunking, rock climbing, rappelling, and rafting.

Cave Network

Puerto Rico celebrates one of the longest Christmas seasons in the world, starting after Thanksgiving and continuing until mid-January with joyful traditions and vibrant cultural displays.

Christmas Celebrations