8 Best Short Haircuts For Women With Any Face Shape

Buzz Cut

A bold and chic choice, perfect for a dramatic change. Oval faces, like Tiffany Haddish's, wear this look especially well.

Blunt Bob

A universally flattering cut with a center part for an edgier look. Dua Lipa s blunt bob is a great example.

Layered Bob

A softer alternative to the blunt bob, adding texture and volume to the ends. Ideal for square faces to add softness and avoid jawline emphasis.

Long Bob (Lob)

A mid-length cut that adds softness and volume at the crown, avoiding volume at the jawline. Chrissy Teigen s layered lob is a perfect example.


Versatile and can be tailored to any face shape with variations like feathered, side, or blunt textured bangs.

Pixie Cut

A short, stylish cut that can be adapted with bangs or layers for different face shapes. Zoë Kravitz showcases its versatility beautifully.

Long Pixie

A longer pixie that offers versatility with styling options like slicking back or spiking up. Jada Pinkett Smith s long pixie is a modern, adaptable choice.

Short Fringe

Long, side-swept bangs add definition to cheekbones and flatter heart-shaped faces. Kerry Washington s shoulder-length cut with pixie bangs is a great fit.