Bananas: These homemade treats are made by slicing bananas into thin rounds and soaking them in citrus water to prevent browning. After soaking, the banana slices are dehydrated until they reach a chewy consistency

Apples: To make dried apple rings, start by peeling and coring the apples. Then, slice them into thin rounds and soak them in citrus water to maintain their color.

Strawberries: For sweet dried strawberries, hull and slice the strawberries into thin pieces. These slices are then dehydrated until they achieve a chewy texture

Mangoes: Enjoy the taste of sunshine with dried mango strips. Peel the mangoes, remove the flesh from the core, and slice them into thin strips.

Pineapple: For a visually stunning snack, cut pineapple into slices, removing the tough exterior and core. These slices are then dehydrated until they become chewy

Tomatoes: Dried tomatoes are a versatile addition to various dishes, such as pasta and salads. To make them, simply top the tomatoes, remove the cores if necessary, and slice them into thin rounds.

Sweet Potatoes: Crave-worthy dried sweet potatoes are made by peeling and slicing sweet potatoes into thin rounds. These rounds are blanched in boiling water to partially cook them