8 Best Beaches in North America Will Have You Dreaming

Flamenco Beach

Known for its calm, pale blue Caribbean Sea perfect for swimming and snorkeling, once a military testing ground with abandoned tanks on the sand.

Meads Bay Beach

Famed for soft sand and light-blue water, offering a serene Caribbean experience away from crowds, with access to waterfront dining.

Lanikai Beach

A relaxed Oahu beach known for calm waters ideal for swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding, famous for moonrise views and green sea turtles.

Seven Mile Beach

A lively, public beach lined with resorts and restaurants, known for family-friendly shallow waters and rum-based cocktails.

McWay Beach

Not accessible for walking, but renowned for its scenic waterfall cascading onto the beach, viewable from a trail in Big Sur.

Grace Bay Beach

Extending 7 miles within Princess Alexandra National Park, famous for its barrier reef and offering a range of activities like parasailing and horseback riding.

Pipe Creek Beach

Found on Pipe Cay, offering a secluded sandbar experience surrounded by shallow blue waters, away from large boats.

Balandra Beach

A crescent-shaped beach surrounded by desert hills, known for its mangrove forest and abundance of aquatic life.

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