7 Ways to Make Your Laundry Room Look Luxurious

Get Organized with Custom Cabinetry

Lauren McKay of Lauren McKay Interiors emphasizes starting with functionality. Custom cabinetry not only organizes laundry.

Pay Attention to the Details

According to Lindsay Lucas from Lindsay Laine Interiors, small changes like fancy hardware on cabinetry can make a big impact. 

Go Bold with Color and Pattern

Victoria McKenny of Enviable Designs suggests adding vibrant tiles for backsplashes or floors to create a focal point.

Create Interest with Layers of Texture

Kate Haynes of Noble Studio recommends incorporating soft textiles, artwork, indoor plants, and gleaming metals.

Do Wonders with Wallpaper

Caroline Kopp of Caroline Kopp Interior Design encourages experimenting with wallpaper to personalize the space.

Embrace Hidden Storage

Haynes emphasizes the luxury of a well-organized workstation with ample counter space for folding clothes. 

Make a Statement with a Beautiful Countertop

Alexis Vitale of Vitale Design Group suggests installing a striking stone countertop like limestone or soapstone.