7 Trendy Hairstyles To Love In 2024

Scribbled Underline

90s pigtails                                            Pigtails in 2024 are sleek and classy, and they can save a terrible hair day! They add crown volume without teasing and are less harsh than a high ponytail.

Messy Buns Try this messy bun for a laid-back style. Select hair to hang down first. Put your hair in a bun without those bits. En voilà! Just right for lunch with the girls or errands.

Double French Braids The double French braid is having a moment and an identity crisis. First, what are them called? Though we call them double Dutch braids, they're actually boxer-French-pigtail braids.

Bubble Ponytail Bubble braids are the latest street and social media craze. Their popularity will expand since they're fun, trendy, and easy.

Scarf One of the nicest accessories for women is a scarf. Scarves can be used as neck scarves, belts, purse accessories, or headscarves to bring color to any outfit.

Tendrils Romantic, feminine tendrils frame the face. When you don't want to deal with your hair, try this style. Why? Because it looks beautiful with little effort.

Space Buns, Bantu Knots The 90s festival hair styles space buns and Bantu knots were huge. Both are whimsical summer hairstyles that go nicely with accessories and bold jewelry.