7 Subtle Signs Someone Feels Inferior Around You

Avoiding Eye Contact: They may avoid making direct eye contact or quickly look away when you notice them looking at you

Excessive Apologizing: They might apologize excessively, even for minor things, as if they fear upsetting or inconveniencing you.

Overly Agreeable Behavior: They may agree with everything you say or go out of their way to accommodate your preferences, even if it inconveniences them.

Self-Deprecating Comments: They might make self-deprecating comments or jokes at their own expense, possibly to downplay their achievements or abilities compared to yours.

Deflecting Compliments: When you compliment them, they may deflect or downplay the compliment, indicating a lack of self-esteem or belief in their worthiness of praise.

Seeking Approval: They may seek your approval or validation for their actions or decisions, indicating a desire for your acceptance or acknowledgment.

Physical Signs of Discomfort: They might exhibit physical signs of discomfort, such as fidgeting, sweating, or nervous laughter, especially in your presence.