7 Of The Smartest Animals On The Planet

1. Chimpanzee                                   A staggering 98.8% of human and chimpanzee DNA is shared. Scientists consider them our closest living relatives and the second most intelligent creature on Earth after humans.

2. Orangutan Red-haired orangutans from Southeast Asian jungles are among the smartest animals. Orangutans may be smarter than chimpanzees at tasks, according to research. 

3. Bonobo Among primates with the highest level of intelligence are bonobos. They are praised for their aptitude for using tools and solving problems.

4. Dolphin Dolphin intellect never ceases to astound and captivate. Dolphins, who are well-known for being gregarious and playful, possess cognitive abilities that rank them.

5. Elephant An elephant is said to "never forget." It is accurate to say that an elephant's remarkable memory is the embodiment of their intelligence. 

6. Magpie, Crow, and Raven Among the corvid family are magpies, crows, and ravens. These birds have traditionally been linked to cunning and intelligence. 

7. A Gorilla The largest of the great apes is the gorilla. They are not only enormously powerful and large, but also extremely clever creatures.