7 Lazy Hairstyles for Moms With No Time to Spare

The twirl takes practice, but once you do, you'll wear it everywhere. It gives your hair volume and structure

Low Chignon Bun

A looped bun is the ultimate quick hairstyle for busy moms since it takes just a few minutes to make unclean hair look great.

A Messy, Looped Bun

Low buns are ideal for epic bad hair days. Make a low ponytail, wrap your hair around it, and secure it with a hair tie or hairpins.

The Super Quick Messy Low Bun

If It avoid them because they're too difficult, try this 5-minute fast curls lesson. It doesn't have to.

Five-Minute Lazy Curls

The ponytail is perhaps the most adaptable. People with flat hair or little crown hair find it difficult to master.

A Ponytail That Looks Perfect Every Time

Although fishtails appear like only a hairdresser could accomplish them, they're really rather easy. Better still, it works better on filthy hair.

The Fishtail Braid

It's quirky and would boost the cool mom status a millionfold. It doesn't require style, but it must visit the salon every 2-3 months to maintain it.

The Pixie