7 Layered Haircuts That Preserve Length and Boost Volume

Long Layers

Long layers are ideal for those who want to maintain length while adding movement and volume. Layers start around the face and blend seamlessly into the rest of the hair, creating a natural, cascading effect

Face-Framing Layers

This haircut features layers that frame the face, adding dimension and softness. The layers can start at chin-length or slightly below, enhancing facial features and providing volume around the face

Blunt Cut with Textured Layers

A blunt cut with textured layers is a modern twist on the classic layered haircut. This style features blunt ends combined with strategically placed layers to create volume and texture without sacrificing length

V-Cut Layers

V-cut layers add shape and movement to long hair while maintaining length. The layers are cut into a V-shape at the back, creating a subtle gradient effect that adds volume and dimension

U-Shaped Layers

Similar to V-cut layers, U-shaped layers are cut in a U-shape at the back, with longer layers towards the bottom. This haircut enhances natural curls and waves while adding volume and body to the hair

Choppy Layers

Choppy layers are perfect for adding texture and volume to fine or thin hair. This haircut features unevenly spaced layers throughout the hair, creating a tousled, lived-in look that boosts volume and movement

Textured Lob (Long Bob)

A textured lob combines the benefits of a layered haircut with the versatility of a long bob. Layers are strategically placed to add volume and texture, while the length can be customized to suit individual preferences