7 Fun & Interesting Dog Tricks To Teach Your Dog

Give Kiss: Encourage your dog to give you a kiss by placing a treat on your cheek and adding a cue. This trick is great for showing affection and can also help control unwanted licking behavior.

Speak: Train your dog to bark on command by using the "speak" cue. This can be useful for controlling excessive barking and is a fun way to showcase your dog's vocal abilities.

Back Up: Teach your dog to back up on command, which can be handy for various situations like preventing them from rushing out the door or crowding you in the kitchen.

Shake Paws: Have your dog greet guests by shaking hands (or paws). Most dogs enjoy using their paws and will quickly learn this trick with positive reinforcement.

Wave: Train your dog to wave hello or goodbye using the same action as shaking paws. It's a cute and attention-grabbing trick that your friends will love.

Spin: Lure your dog into spinning in a circle by holding a treat near their nose. You can even teach them to spin in a specific direction to impress your friends.

Sit Pretty: Teach your dog to balance on their hind legs while raising their front legs in a seated position. This adorable trick is perfect for photos and will impress anyone who sees it.