7 Easy Home Exercises Parents Can Do With Kids

Dance: Dancing is entertaining and calorie-burning. Create a dance floor and play your favorite music.

Try a YouTube workout: Need stretching, cardio, muscle-building, and other exercise ideas? Search YouTube for free exercises.  There's fun for everyone, including American Heart Association Kids Heart Challenge routines.

Follow the leader: This game challenges your ingenuity and physique.Have everyone lead alternately. March with your feet up down the corridor, then turn and shuffle back. Flap your arms like a bird and crawl like a crab on the floor.

Build an obstacle course: Step up and down the lowest step. Jump between floor-scattered seat cushions. Then crawl beneath the table after walking backwards. Use your furnishings to build a kid-safe obstacle course.

Squats: Have everyone practice working on certain body parts. Try squats for abdominal strength.

Track your steps: Guess the number of steps from the front entrance to the kitchen. If you stroll the hall five times? Winners are closest guessers. You may count steps using a phone app, pedometer, or voice.

Musical chairs: This entertaining active game requires random music pauses. Check out the free YouTube version here. Place seats in a circle or line. Use four seats for five players. With four players, use three, etc.