7 Bathroom Design Trends for 2024

You can expect patterns to become more common in 2024, both on floors and walls. The focus won't always be on bright pattern designs, but on how the tiles are put together.

Geometric Patterns

Health and wellness-focused goods and designs are becoming more and more popular with consumers. People are becoming more interested in adding spa-like features to their bathrooms.

Steam Showers

I hope that the idea of a wet room will catch on with more people. Putting a bath tub right into your shower—not the tub showers you had as a child

Wet Rooms

Using wallpaper as the main piece in your bathroom is a great way to go over the top and show off your style. So much great paper is available in the market.

Playful Wallpaper

The Peach Fuzz color is really nice. Peach colors can feel lively and energetic in bright rooms, but they can easily change into a neutral, soothing, and comforting color in darker rooms.

Peachy Tones

Subway tile is one of the most basic styles of tile. To make it more modern, stack the tiles either vertically or horizontally instead of laying them in a brick pattern.

Stacked Subway Tiles

If you have enough room, get rid of the long double vanity and put the sinks in different areas for a more private feel. I love the thought of putting a bathtub between them.

Separate Sinks