11 Backyard Flower Gardens Your Neighbors Will Envy

Use Easy to Maintain Ground Covers

Transform your garden with creeping phlox in hot pink, purple, or bicolor for a vibrant, low-maintenance ground cover, or choose fragrant thyme to add both beauty and scent.

Plant a Lavender Field

Lavender thrives in full sun and dry conditions, requiring minimal care. Its aromatic blooms create a stunning, soothing landscape that continues to flourish even with little attention.

Create a Hydrangea Border or Walkway

Line your walkway with lush hydrangeas available in an array of colors, from blues and pinks to whites, creating a captivating, ever-changing display that enhances your garden's entrance.

Bachelor Button Garden

Introduce the delicate charm of bachelor s buttons mini-carnation-like blooms also known as blue-bottles or cornflowers adding vibrant blue and purple hues with a light fragrance to any garden setting.

Plant a Spring Garden

Hyacinth flowers, with their bold colors and intoxicating scent, are perfect for planting along paths and entrances, making every stroll to your door a sensory delight in spring.

Try a Peaceful Water Garden

Create a tranquil oasis with a water garden featuring serene pink blooms and lush greenery, providing a perfect backdrop for relaxation and a haven for local wildlife.

Plant a Rose Garden

From striking red climbers to delicate pastels, roses offer endless variety and charm. Enjoy continuous blooms and fragrance that add elegance and romantic appeal to your garden spaces.

Go Wild With a Wildflower Meadow

Cultivate a low-maintenance, vibrant wildflower meadow by simply sowing seeds and letting nature s beauty unfold. Enjoy a constantly evolving tapestry of colors with minimal upkeep required.

Plant Poppies

Add a burst of color to your garden with poppies, which thrive in disturbed soil. Their vivid shades range from classic red to pastel hues and unique bicolor combinations.

Add Privacy With Flowering Shrubs and Vines

Use flowering shrubs and vines to create natural screens that provide privacy and conceal unattractive spots. Enjoy vertical gardens that add height, color, and fragrance to your yard.

Try a Rooftop Garden When Yard Space is Sparse

Maximize limited space by creating a rooftop garden. Plant flowers or vegetables, add cozy seating, and transform it into a peaceful retreat for reading or unwinding after a busy day.