10 Plants That Can Grow In Just Water For Years

Grow Basil in Water

Soft-stem herbs like basil thrive in water. Take a cutting from the green stem of a mature plant and place it in a sunny spot with bright, indirect light.

Regrow Vegetable Scraps

Regrow scraps like lettuce and green onions in water. Keep 3 inches of the bottom part in a shallow bowl of water. New growth will emerge from the center.

Care for Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo grows well in water. Keep roots covered and stabilize with pebbles. Fertilize monthly with diluted fertilizer for best results.

Propagate Pothos

Pothos thrives in water and produces auxin to stimulate root growth. Mix pothos cuttings with other stems for faster propagation. Ideal for vining plants.

Grow Philodendrons

Philodendrons, both vining and upright varieties, grow well in water. For upright types, cut below a leaf node before placing in water. Keep in a sunny spot.

Root Coleus in Water

Coleus roots quickly in water. Take a 6-inch cutting, remove leaves from the bottom 4 inches, and place in water. Fertilize monthly for vibrant growth.

Root Begonias in Water

Begonias, especially rex and tuberous types, root well in water. Take a healthy stem cutting with a node and be patient as roots develop over several weeks.

Chinese Evergreen in Water

Chinese evergreens are hardy and easy to grow in water. Cut a few inches of stem, submerge partially, and ensure leaves stay above the waterline. Replenish water as needed.

Grow Baby's Tears

Baby's Tears produce tiny leaves along their stems. Cut a 6-inch piece, remove leaves that will touch the water to prevent rot, and watch new roots form.

African Violets in Water

Start with young, healthy African violet leaves with 2 inches of stem. Place stems in water, keeping leaves dry. Roots form in about a month, creating a beautiful display.

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