10 Dumbbell Exercises for Fat Burn

Plank to Upright Row

Get in plank position, hold dumbbells. Step or jump feet near hands into squat. Stand up, squeeze glutes. Lift dumbbells to chest, elbows out, then lower.

Squat Thruster

Stand with feet apart, squat down. Keep back straight, chest up, knees behind toes. Bend elbows, dumbbells at shoulders. Stand up, press dumbbells up, then return to start.

Forward Lunge Biceps Curl

Step forward, bend both knees to make a 90-degree angle. Curl weights toward shoulders, then push back and repeat on other side.

Cross Behind Lunge Lateral Curl

Stand with feet apart, holding dumbbells. Step right foot behind left, bend knees. Return, arms out, then down. Repeat with left foot.


Stand with feet apart, hold weights in front of thighs. Bend knees, keep back flat. Lower dumbbells, then lift using legs and glutes.

Renegade Row

Start in a plank with weights in hands, toes balancing. Tighten abs, pull right weight to hip, return. Repeat with left weight.

Plie V Raise

Hold weights, stand feet apart, toes out. Bend knees, lower into squat. Stand, squeeze glutes. Lift arms in V shape, lower.

Side-To-Side Squat and Swing

Stand with feet apart, hold dumbbell in right hand. Step right, squat deep, swing dumbbell back, then up while jumping. Switch hands, repeat squat on left.


Kneel on a soft surface. Hold dumbbells at your sides. Step up, lifting weights overhead. Then kneel down, returning weights to sides. Switch legs and repeat.

Leg Loop

Sit on the floor with knees bent and feet down. Hold a dumbbell. Lean back, lift legs up. Pass dumbbell under bent knee to other hand. Switch sides.