10 Best Herbs to Grow in Your Garden or on Your Windowsill

Grow Basil Indoors

Start basil from seeds and place pots in a south-facing window. It needs lots of sun and ample water. Pinch tops often for fuller growth. Perfect for pizza, pasta, and more.

Bay Laurel for Flavor

Bay laurel thrives in containers. Place in east- or west-facing windows for full to partial sun. Thin crowded plants. Great for stews, soups, and fragrant wreaths.


Chervil seeds thrive in spring or late summer. It prefers part light and temperatures of 65-70°F. Pinch tops for fuller growth. Ideal for soups, veggies, and herb butter.

Chives: Easy Grower

Chives love full sun. Move garden clumps indoors in winter. Place in bright windows after a cool period. Perfect for soups, salads, and garnishes.


Oregano grows low and spreads. Start with a cutting in a pot, place in a south-facing window. Water when soil is dry. Trim regularly. Great for various dishes


Grow parsley from seeds or garden clumps. It likes full sun but grows slowly in east- or west-facing windows. Flat-leaf for cooking, curly for garnishes


Start with a cutting in a moist soilless mix. Needs a south-facing window and good drainage. Prune regularly. Use dried stems for winter stews and soups


Start with a cutting. Sage tolerates dry air but needs strong sun from a south-facing window. Adds flavor to poultry, pork, and sausage dishes.


Tarragon needs a dormant period in late fall. Pot a mature plant, leave outside until leaves die back, then move indoors. Perfect for dressings, sauces, and meat.


Root a soft tip or repot an entire plant. Thyme likes full sun but grows in east- or west-facing windows. Keep soil moist and harvest as needed.

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