1st Anniversary Cruise Photos

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Photo Gallery

The following are photos taken during CFBC's 1st Anniversary Cruise. The Cruise included a trip to Tangier Island, food, and wonderful singing from start to finish. The music was provided by local talent here on the Eastern Shore.

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View of Waterfront in Crisfield as we depart.

Photo 2

View of the Top Deck.

Photo 3

Pastor Steve making his way to the podium.

Photo 4

Applause for the 1st Singer.

Photo 5

Bobby "The Greeter" Long

Photo 6

Listening from the sides.

Photo 7

Kayla with the Bible off the cake.

Photo 8


Photo 9

Looking From the Main Deck.

Photo 10

The buffet food tables on the main deck.

Photo 11

Deacon Asher Daisey taste-testing the food before we begin eating.

Photo 12

Folks eating on the Main Deck outside.

Photo 13

The view as we entered into Tangier Island.

Thanks to Janice Long for the photos.